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Thread: Say hello! - the introductions thread

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    Welcome! I'm sure you'll fit in around here.

    Most of our cars are held together by tape, spit, and chewing gum.
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    Funny you say that, ive been wondering where the wheeler dealer guys got ahold of that 4 barrel carb manifold for the alpine they did, until then, i havent had much issue with the kjet other than the slightly anoying hot start issue.

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    [QUOTE=Michael;45241]I LOVE those cars! Welcome to the board Patrick.

    Please post some more

    Moar? Moar!

    Im sure most of us are familiar with the last photo.
    Edit! Photos fixd, stupid pudgy thumbs...
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    Looks like a valley of death.
    Rest assured, we have a backup of Farrar's car blog and it will be restored in the near future. (Steve Rice - March 2016)
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    Quote Originally Posted by sisu_slay View Post
    Hello time travelers, im Patrick,...
    Good looking brick

    Always liked the Bertone bodied Volvos - the 780 is on my 'like to own one' list. Nice to see people preserving them as opposed to junking them and/or parting them out.

    Many might not realize it, but 262C's (6,622 over three MYs) are actually rarer than our DeLoreans (roughly 9,200 over three MYs)

    Noticing that yours has quad round headlights - is that OEM or an after-market modification?

    Perhaps you should start a thread about your 262C in the open section with some more photos and a little background

    Welcome to the forum
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    --Josh S.

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    They had to be done by a PO at some point long ago, all bertones came with quad squares. And it seems i will have to considering this is a rarity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan View Post
    I'm looking for insurance, too. That's one of the challenges I'm finding. I want to drive my car and have it properly covered. I'm not one to mess with insurance. I want me and my insurance company to agree on coverage and usage. I'm not giving them an excuse to deny a claim if I need to file one. All I'm finding is collector insurance with completely unacceptable mileage and usage restrictions. Even my regular insurance, State Farm (who I haven't been thrilled with), won't insure it as a regular car if I want them to. I'm willing to pay for coverage I want... I'm not finding anyone to take my money.
    Same, same. I don't want to fudge mileage reports. I don't mind paying more, I just want to honestly have my miles fully covered. I didn't go with Hagerty because they wanted me to commit to <3500 miles a year. In reality, I find I'm driving a little less than that but I don't want to pay insurance premiums to then have the carrier deny a claim because I drove 3501 miles. I'd like stated coverage, 5000 miles a year, no pleasure drive restrictions (car show only, etc).

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    I've been lurking here for a while and decided to register. I'm a car guy with a wife of 20+ years and 2 tween/ teen daughters. The forums were invaluable to me when I was restoring my car, so I spend my limited free time on the forum(s) either trying to help other members out, and/or getting my fix on car talk.


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    DMCToday's stock price just went up.....welcome, Dana!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich_NYS View Post
    DMCToday's stock price just went up.....welcome, Dana!
    Not to mention our cool factor. It's like one of the cool football jocks decided to sit at our lunch table!

    Want a hit off my inhaler?
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