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Thread: Shep's OEM Parts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boglin View Post
    You're a car insurance guy? How often has your company paid out "diminished value" claims to a party where your customer was at fault?
    I have no idea how to answer that truth be told. I'm a web developer that hasn't touched the claims side of things in my entire tenure there (five year anniversary passed late April). I'm mostly the rating and document printing guy. When it comes to claims, I don't know jack.

    Come to think of it, I do sit next to the claims guru. I'll ask him today about how the depreciation formula works and will blanket adjust my prices accordingly.

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    Sale pending on the steering wheel!

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    Oops, forgot to mention: Steering Wheel sold shortly after that last post to a guy overseas.

    With winter being about halfway through, those of you working on your cars have likely gotten a "wish list" of parts in hand, and the rest of us will discover what we need when we go to drive it after winter's done. That in mind, I've gone through and slashed prices across the board -- some big, some small. For transparency, here's the old vs. new prices, also including two items I chose not to cut prices on (with explanations as to why):

    Price drop:

    OEM Muffler: $150 (down from $250)
    OEM clock: $125 (down from $150)
    Exhaust Front Pipe: $75 (down from $90)
    Exhaust Manifolds, LH and RH - $125 each or $200 for both (down from $150 each or $250 for both)
    Rocker Cylinder Cover w/Pipe: $40 Shipped (orig: $40 plus shipping)
    Rock Screen: $75 shipped (down from $90 plus shipping)
    Radiator Shroud: $75 plus "bad" fans shipped (down from $100 without fans)

    No change:

    Rheostat: still $100 shipped OBO due to long-term interest in making this LED compatible somehow. Just a brainstorm for now, but don't want to start the project after they're already NLA!

    Bad Radiator Fans: still $10 plus shipping each; this is literally priced "at cost", however I have both reduced the radiator shroud pricing and am now including the fans by default with them. Recommend keeping the blades handy, but scrapping the motors outright. Unless you fancy tinkering with zero profit margin, in which case keep 'em on your bench somewhere.

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