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Thread: The Illustrated Guide To Running Production Changes (In Progress)

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    Exclamation The Illustrated Guide To Running Production Changes (In Progress)

    Here's a definitive illustrated guide to all known running production changes. Included with each change is the approximate (or exact) VIN changeover, where known. Note that engineering test pieces that made it onto a handful of cars (typically 10-20, or even less), but were never fully productionized or generally implemented (ie - blue/maroon interiors, air deflector retaining strips, painted 'DeLorean' logo on rear fascia, etc) are NOT included in this guide, NOR are pieces strictly associated with limited edition or one-off cars (ie - Prototypes, Pilot cars, 500 Series cars, Gold Plated AmEx cars, AXI cars, Wooler-Hodec cars, Legend cars, Canadian/French-Canadian spec'd cars, etc), as the information pertaining to such is either obvious and/or is difficult to document, with some exceptions, as listed below. Frequently seen QAC changes are included. Sources of the information contained herein will be cited where available.

    As this is meant as a guide to be used as a helpful and concise resource going forward, this thread will be locked and amendable only by the custodian of said guide, NightFlyer or his assignees. Those wishing to comment on, offer corrections and/or additional information, etc, can do so in the work thread found here: Info added to this guide obtained from the work thread will be appropriately accredited to the provider of such information.

    For the record, this list is more complete, and more accurate than the Official DMCL Parts Manual, the Millennium Concours Manual, or any other known attempts at documenting all the major changes in one convenient guide.

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    Table of Contents:

    I. Exterior

    1. Luggage Compartment Cover (Hood)
    a. Gas Flap and Relief Lined - Up To VIN 03200
    i. Bolted Hinges - Up To VIN 1301
    ii. Studded and Nutted Hinges From VIN 1302
    b. Relief Lined - From VIN 03201 Up To VIN 07199
    c. Flat - All CD and DD VINs

    2. Fascia Paint
    a. Glossy Finish - Up To VIN 03599
    b. Matte Finish - From VIN 03600

    3. Louvers / Upper Engine Cover
    a. Thin Center Rib - Early VINs Only
    b. Thick Center Rib - Most VINs

    4. Wheels
    a. Dark Grey (Thin Cast) - Up To VIN 01883
    b. Silver - From VIN 01884
    i. Thin Cast - From VIN 01884 Up To VIN ?????
    ii. Thick Cast - From VIN ?????

    5. Wheel Center Caps
    a. Dark Grey Embossed - Up To VIN 01883
    b. Black With Contrasting White Embossing - From VIN 01884

    6. Power Rear View Mirrors
    a. Smooth Housing With Rough Finished Mirror - Up To VIN 05929
    b. Textured Housing With Finished Mirror - From VIN 05930

    7. Door Lock Cylinders / Key System
    a. Black Plastic Cylinder Two-Key System - Up To VIN 04187 or 04199
    b. Chromed Metal Cylinder Single-Key System - From VIN 04188 or 04200

    8. Radio Aerial (Antenna)
    a. Windshield Embedded - Up To VIN 02710
    b. Passenger Fender Mounted Fixed Mast Whiplash
    c. QAC (New Jersey Only) Implemented Passenger Fender Mounted Manually Retractable
    d. Driver Rear Pontoon Mounted Power
    e. Roof Mounted Fixed Mast Euro Whiplash - AXI And Wooler-Hodec Cars Only

    9. Pontoon Finish
    a. Textured - Early VINs Only
    b. Smooth - Most VINs

    10. Quarter Panel Glass Gap
    a. Ungasketed - Early VINs
    b. Gasketed - Later VINs

    11. Side Marker Gaskets
    a. Foam - Early VINs Only
    b. Rubber - Most VINs

    12. Front Turn Signal Fasteners
    a. Pozidriv Machine Thread - Early, MY1982, and MY1983 VINs Only
    b. Pozidriv Rough Thread - Most VINs

    13. Rear Screen Upper Finisher Fasteners
    a. M4 Bolt - Early VINs Only
    b. M4 Philips Screw - Most VINs

    14. Glass Labeling
    a. 'DMC' Logo Prominent Over 'Sekurit' Logo - Most VINs
    b. 'Sekurit' Logo Prominent Over 'DMC' Logo - Late VINs Only

    15. Louver Mounting Bracket
    a. Uncovered - Most VINs
    b. Black Plastic Cover - CD and DD VINs Only

    16. Air Induction Vent Seals
    a. O-Ring Foamed Seal - Early VINs
    b. No Seal - Later VINs

    17. Quality Assured Label
    a. Not Present - Early and Mid MY1981 VINs
    b. Present - Late MY1981, CD and DD VINs

    II. Luggage Compartment

    1. Gas Cap
    a. Locking - Up To VIN 03200+
    b. Regular Non-Locking - From VIN 03201-

    2. Washer Reservoir Cap
    a. Black Tin - Early VINs Only
    b. White Plastic - Most VINs

    3. Floor Carpet
    a. Non-Backed - Most VINs
    b. Fiberboard Backed - Late VINs Only

    4. Fuel Tank Baffle
    a. Base Absent - Early VINs Only
    b. Base Present - Most VINs

    III. Engine Bay

    1. Alternator
    a. Ducellier 80 Amp - Up To VIN 04538
    b. Motorola 90 Amp - From VIN 04539

    2. Air Filter Box Label
    a. Small 'DMC' Logo Only - Early VINs Only
    b. Large 'DMC' Logo With Instructions - Most VINs
    c. Renault Label - Late VINs Only

    3. Coil Cover
    a. Latched - Up To VIN 11672
    b. Strapped - From VIN 11673

    4. Piping To Waterpump / Otterstat Orientation
    a. Longer Hard Pipe Run / Otterstat Mounts To Top Of Pipe - Up To VIN 01233
    b. Shorter Hard Pipe Run / Otterstat Mounts To Bottom Of Pipe - From VIN 01234

    5. Exhaust System Piping
    a. Location of Lamdba Probe (Oxygen Sensor) Bung
    b. Tipless Straight Pipes - All BD VINs
    c. Flared-Tip Extension Pipes - All CD and DD VINs except early CD and late DD VINs

    6. Engine Wire Harness Routing
    a. Over Top Of Driver Intake Horn - Early VINs Only
    b. Under Air Filter Box - Most VINs

    7. Engine Wire Harness Clips
    a. Yellow-Cadmium Plated - Up To VIN 1200
    b. Black Vinyl Coated - From VIN 1201

    IV. Interior

    1. Door Pulls
    a. 'D' Ring'd Around Grab Handle - Up To VIN 05992
    b. Integrated Into Lower Door Panel On Dedicated Mount - From VIN 05993

    2. Door Sill Fasteners
    a. Visible Self Tapped Philips Screws - Early VINs Only
    b. Hidden - Most VINs

    3. Door Guides
    a. Not Present - Very Early VINs Only
    b. Metal - Up To VIN 11340
    c. Plastic - From VIN 11341 (15XXX and 16XXX up to 16340 Mixed)

    4. Carpet
    a. Black Interior With Dark Grey Carpets - Up To VIN 10578
    b. Grey Interior With Light Grey Carpets - Up To VIN 10578
    c. Black Or Grey Interior with Medium Grey Carpets Of Different Texture - From VIN 10579

    5. Shifter (Auto Trans Cars Only)
    a. 4 Major Piece Unit With Stitched Leather Handle - Up To VIN 04836
    b. 6 Major Piece Unit With Plastic Handle With Embedded Logo Medallion - From VIN 04837

    6. Dead Pedal (Manual Trans Cars Only)
    a. Not Present - Up To VIN 07199
    b. Present - From VIN 10001

    7. Radio
    a. Craig No Clock - Up To VIN 06158
    b. Craig With Clock - From VIN 06159 Up To VIN 10304
    c. ASI - From VIN 10305

    8. HVAC Panel Decals
    a. Version 1 - Very Few Early Non-Saleable Cars
    b. Version 2
    c. Version 3
    d. Version 4
    e. Version 5
    f. Version 6

    9. Console Front Panel
    a. Clock - Up To VIN 06158
    b. No Clock - From VIN 06159

    10. Ashtray
    a. First Style - Early VINs Only
    b. Second Style - Most VINs

    11. Console Tray
    a. Flocked - Early VINs Only
    b. Vinyl Wrapped - Most VINs

    12. Sun Visor Mounting (When Stowed)
    a. Fabric Side Visible To Passengers - Up To VIN 01791+
    b. Vinyl Side Visible To Passengers - From VIN 04201-

    13. Rear Side Panel Bolster (Outer Armrests)
    a. Two Piece Bolt Together - Up To VIN 06092
    b. Single Integrated Molded Piece - From VIN 06093

    14. Battery Cover Fasteners
    a. Self Tapping Philips Wood Screws - Early VINs Only
    b. M4 Pozidriv Machine Screws With Plastic Spirol Nut - Up To VIN 04240 (Except Early VINs)
    c. M4 Thumb Twist Machine Screws With Metal T Nut - From VIN 04240 Up To VIN ?????
    d. Ball Stud Snap System - From VIN 4240 Up to VIN ????

    15. Battery Cover Pull Strap
    a. Not Present - Early VINs Only
    b. Present - Most VINs

    16. Rear Deckboards (Wooden Access Panels)
    a. Long Panels Going Under RR Bulkhead Assembly - Early VINs Only
    b. Short Panels Stopping Shy Of RR Bulkhead Assembly - Most VINs

    V. Misc

    1. Valet And Owners Manual
    a. MY1981
    b. MY1982 and MY1983

    2. Anti-Corrosion Undercoating
    a. Non-Coated - MY1981 and MY1982
    b. Coated - MY1983

    3. Cabin Vent Holes
    a. Open - Early VINs
    b. Sealed - Later VINs

    4. Pipe and Bracket Support for Driver's Side Brake Line and Lower Speedo Cable
    a. Bar Stock Bracket Only - Up To VIN 05178
    b. Bar Stock Bracket With Wire Loop Extension - From VIN 05179
    "You can never use too much anti-seize!"

    --Josh S.

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