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Thread: Still planning on having some kits this fall?

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    Took the central plenums to a machine shop today to be drilled. That's one thing that will drive up costs of these latest manifolds -- Keith used to drill those holes for free. I have no idea how much it's going to cost to get everything welded together. And the cost of aluminum itself has soared lately. The days of $800 carb conversions are long gone. I wouldn't be at all surprised if cost of all my fabrication comes close to $1,500 now (two years ago it was just over $1,200).

    Bill Robertson

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    You have to pay to play . Let me know, I'm ready. I had to remove the fuel pump and sender unit to clean the tank. Of course everything was trashed. Does you kit come with a pump and the hardware to mount in the tank? I assume it doesn't. Any chance you have a list of what I need to get so I can get some things ready? Also I considered just replacing the entire fuel line. Thoughts ? Here is what I was working with. image.jpg

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    I make an aluminum carrier that rides in a stock tank boot.

    In the past I provided an Airtex electric pump that rides in this carrier (you need the carrier because the Airtex pump is smaller diameter and non-submersible). I'm having such good success with my mechanical pump I think I may start offering users a choice (price is comparable between them). Tank boot carrier has a standard 1/8 NPT thread inside of it, so mechanical pump users could simply attach a hose barb in lieu of the electric pump.

    Bill Robertson
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