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Thread: The Cars Time Forgot, Delavan, WI - Sunday, July 12

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    The Cars Time Forgot, Delavan, WI - Sunday, July 12

    This Sunday, July 12, I'll be at 12th Annual The Cars Time Forgot car show at Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, WI, with #1798.

    Dennis Gage from the show 'My Classic Car with Dennis Gage,' which airs on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8:30a.m. on Discovery's Velocity network, and at various times on MAVtv (check schedule), will be there with camera crew, so there's a chance that #1798 could be featured in an upcoming episode.

    The photo gallery from last year's show features a wide shot of the lake side parking area, in which one can clearly see a DeLorean on display. That's not my car, but I'm interested to know who's it is if anyone knows.

    Anyway, if you'll be in the area or attending the show, stop by and say hi!
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    I wish they did something like that here. I have both my toys are essentially orphan cars and never have an appropriate category.

    I don't even go to them anymore.

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