Looking for a solid daily driver DMC Florida refurbished DeLorean of your own?

Consider mine, one of the best known (15 million views on YouTube in the Maclemore Thrift Shop parody "Pot Shop" as well as many other notable celebrity encounters) daily drivers out there, owned by a long time (20 years with my first car, & nearly 5 years with this one) member of the DeLorean community, and recipient of a full frame-off restoration at DMC Florida by the previous owner shortly before they sold it to me 5 years ago this summer with just under 7,500 miles. I drive it enough to keep everything in good working order, but no so much as to wear it out, about 6,000 miles a year, and the (fully functional) odometer just recently turned 34,000 miles.

Hurry and make me a private offer BEFORE I go the Ebay route, as I can obviously consider accepting a lower offer from you NOW if Ebay is not yet skimming a hefty percentage to list & sell it ;-) Full details on maintenance, upgrades, pictures, etc available on request. Extensive (and expensive!) AC repairs & updates were recently completed. As I had 95% diagnosed myself, it did turn out to be the evaporator core, not an expensive part in itself, but perhaps one of the most labor-intensive replacement jobs on the entire car, as it's buried so deeply inside the dashboard area that literally hours of dis-assembly & re-assembly are required just to access it properly. Therefore, potential buyers will be very happy to know that it is now all new, along with the accompanying orifice tube & dryer. The AC compressor and both main AC hoses were replaced with new ones last year, when the conversion to modern R-134 refrigerant was done, so all those parts should be good for a long time to come. And while we had all that hard to reach area dis-assembled anyway, I spent the extra money to replace the still fully functional, but 34 year old factory original heater core with a new one too as a precautionary measure before it eventually wore out, so that should be good for a long time into "The Future" as well. Someone's gonna be getting a great car here, and now it's all set again to handle any climate, hot or cold, wherever it's next owner may happen to call home :-)

I paid $40,000 for it 4 years ago, and have been asking $35,000 now, but am open to lower offers, if not ridiculous ones, lets talk...

Thought she was going to a new owner in Kentucky recently, but at the last minute he decided to go for a stage 2 car instead, so VIN 1150 is still on the market now. Very motivated to get her sold, as the wife has house shopping fever, but we can't take that step until the car is sold. In addition to all the previous stated work, I just had the front brakes done, as the pads were getting too thin, so that's one more regular maintenance item the new owner won't have to worry about for a while.

Also, at the almost-new-owner's request, Tony at DMC Florida was kind enough to do me the immense favor of digging through the many boxes of old paper records in storage to find the original quotes for the previous owner's frame-off restoration that were no longer on the computer. I now have those records in my maintenance history file to stay with the car, and the amount of new stuff they put into that restoration was just staggering! The PO spent nearly $30,000 in parts & labor to make this former "barn find" perfect, now I know why she's served me so well, and that the person who eventually buys this car from me will be getting an even greater value than I'd ever realized. That new owner should be YOU - drop me a line and we'll make a deal ;-)

You can also view "Pot Shop" and several other fun videos that my car has been featured in, and read a bit more about the car's celebrity studded history, at the page linked here that was created primarily for fans of "Pot Shop": http://www.potshopcar.com Any questions? Message me here & I'll get right back to you...