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Thread: How do I get in touch w/ Bill to buy a carb conversion kit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamHill View Post
    I see. Is there some sort of initiation I need to go through. I pray it doesn't involve livestock.

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    Just a ceremonial goat, a chalice, and a lot of blood.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    Just a ceremonial goat, a chalice, and a lot of blood.
    What about all the stuff about Bill riding puff the magic dragon, a poet's wings, kitchen untensils & all that?! you own a DeLorean?

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    For a dollar ill give you his home phone #. But that wont get you very far unless you sound like a divorced, reluctantly lesbian, hispanic woman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamHill View Post
    Amen. Haha.
    My carb transaction went smoothly, though.
    The man helped me out when my (daily) D ran like crap and would not start. It feels good to walk up to your car, get in, and not think:
    Pleeeaaassseee start on the first try. There are people and camera phones all over the damn place. C'mon... PLEASE START

    So that fear is gone, at least.
    Overall safety, on the other hand....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drewlorean View Post
    Overall safety, on the other hand....
    That's a worry you'll always have, driving these things around.
    Now we’ve had just ‘bout enough of that !

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    I haven't even thought to check my PM's for a couple of days now. I've got quite a few to respond to, so give me just a minute to do so.

    It will be closer to summer before I have a chance to make any more conversions. My suggestion is to spend the interim time reading up on carburetion and making sure it is really what you want.

    Bill Robertson

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    Just so everyone's clear: I do not make any money on these carb conversions. In fact, accounting for my labor and inventory carrying costs, I lose quite a bit. I make them as a hobby only. That means they have to fit around 1,001 other things in my life.

    Also, nearly every single component is made by hand. Even the air filter lids are hand made. Takes a lot of time to do all that hand manufacturing. Josh Bengston just wanders down the street and asks Stainless Works to make his stuff for him. He doesn't actually make anything himself. Same with Houston. In terms of sweat equity what I am doing is much closer to what Bryan Pearce used to do.

    I will get some conversions ready as soon as I can, but there is a major project looming before June that takes precedence.

    Bill Robertson

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    Bill if you need anything, I'll volunteer time and money to help you. No interest in profiteering from your efforts, of course; just to lend a hand.

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    Are you volunteering to weld a bunch of intake manifolds together?

    Bill Robertson

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