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5609: The Story of a Remanufactured DeLorean Part 5 of 5

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I bought my car in Feb. 2009 and here I am, still smitten with my dream car. I just now realized this is the longest I have ever owned a single car. Granted none of my previous rides were this pricey, but they were all nice cars(eventually). I would spend months if not years bringing whatever car I was driving up to snuff, but no matter how nice I made them, I did move on. The car I had just before my DeLorean was a cherry 1991 300ZX. I loved those cars when they were new, and to an extent, that's why I jumped all over it when I saw it get traded in, that and 'm a sucker for a T-Top roof. It took me about 2 or 3 months to get it to my satisfaction, but when it was done it sure did me right. It remains the best road machine I have ever owned.

300z2.jpg DSCF0058.jpg

Sadly, I had to sell it. I was leaving in a few days to pick up my new DeLorean and I wasn't about to let either car sit outside so I thought it best to sell the Z before letting it deteriorate. I put it on Craigslist and it took all of 2 days to sell it. The first person to look at it bought it, even though he was looking for a manual, the condition of my Z blew him away and he couldn't say no. Watching it drive away for the last time and the sight of the empty spot in the garage where "Pearl" had slept for the past 5 years was bittersweet. I knew my Z was going to a true enthusiast but I also knew in less than a week 5609 would fill that spot.

After shutting the garage down that night, I went back into the kitchen and thumbed through my DeLorean brochure again, (I had it out to show the buyer why I was selling such a nice Z car). I have held onto that brochure for 2 decades. Back around the mid 90's the subject of dream cars came up with me and my boss at the time. After hearing my choice for dream car, he was quick to inform me that he had a DeLorean. He bought it brand new. His wife chimed in that she hated the car and talked about how many times it stranded her. He said one day he went to the local Oldsmobile dealership, (who was the DMC franchise) to order a part and it came up on "Permanent Back Order". The parts guy didn't know what to say. My boss sensed something was wrong and took it straight to the BMW dealership. He parked it out front with both doors opened and left it while he test drove a new 5 series. The dealer had it sold before he left with his new BMW. He mentioned he still had a brochure and dug it up and gave it to me. I didn't want anything to happen to it so a few years ago I bought one off ebay to let people at cruise in thumb through. The one I had for so long is different. It has a few more pictures and text not included in my ebay brochure.

IMG_20141101_003914.jpg IMG_20141101_004058.jpg

I will never forget those days of living paycheck to paycheck in my one bedroom apartment. Every so often I would dig that brochure out and read it cover to cover. I knew the words and pics by heart but I just wanted to "dream" a little. That fold out side profile shot was just gorgeous. It's a little satisfying to see that brochure up on my desk with all my other DeLorean collectables knowing the real thing is downstairs. That brochure means a lot to me, it kept the fire lit in me and kept me from settling for less.


"The moment I first saw one was the second I learned a car can be more than just a mode of transportation." Matt Farah
I myself first discovered the DeLorean while sneaking a look into my dad's Playboy mags. I saw the Craig stereo ad and was just mesmerized. This was how a car was supposed to look! Someone somewhere had figured it out and had designed this beautiful shape just for me. This design didn't lose anything from prototype to production, in fact it looks better. Nothing was lost in translation, what Giugiaro saw and designed is what we got. Of all the pages in a Playboy, this was the page I carefully ripped out of the magazine and kept.


You never forget the first time you see one in person. The car looks a little different than all those pictures you have stored in your brain. It's lower than you expected, it's wider, the angles are a little sharper, it's just better when it's real. My first real world experience was even better as I was able to actually drive it!! It was sitting on a used car lot like a little stray puppy wanting me to take it home. Of couse I couldn't as I was still struggling but I knew the owner well and although he knew I was just a flat broke looky loo, he let me take it out for a spin. It needed carb spray to start, the brakes were completely shot, but I had an absolute blast! I stopped so many times just so people could see me getting in and out of it. Gas stations, McDonalds, nobody was safe from my ego. I now visit that lot and see him once a week as he is one of my accounts. Funny how things work out.

Back then I would have never thought that there would be one of these cars parked in my garage....I would have never thought that I would have a garage to park anything in. As I touched on before, I lived and grew up in a very small and dirty/filthy/disgusting trailer. I'm not about to try and make myself out to be poor, we did have a place to sleep, food every night, air con and would be surprised how many people in the world still live on dirt floors. What I didn't have much of was hope. I felt I was destined to never really have the "American Dream". I can remember just 15 years or so ago I would drive by small modest houses thinking how nice it would be to live here or there. When I finally bought my home it was definitely a dream come true. A home is more than just a material possession, it's a place to build and live your life and I am so fortunate and blessed to be here. A DeLorean however, for lack of a better word is a little more selfish. Not very many people get their dream car, there is always something more important,...Wife needs a new car, kids college fund, home repairs, medical costs, etc. The "dream" always gets moved back and for many, will always be a dream. Afterall it is just a car, but there is something about the DeLorean that transcends the material world. Not only does it represent the risk, passion, and the drive brought forth to create this beautiful piece of history, but it embodies my own dream, that one thing that I always wanted just for me but deep down knowing I would never get. I am humbled to own one of these machines, sure it's not a $250,000 Ferrari, but the money doesn't and shouldn't matter, it's my dream car, and it's realized.

The DeLorean is not a car for everyone. Most car enthusiasts look at raw performance data, they look at ľ mile times and horsepower numbers. Delorean enthusiasts go a bit deeper. Itís not just about performance. It's not just about looks or history, or even passion. I don't love the DeLorean for what it is as much as I love it for what it isn't. It's not a cookie cutter car. It's not a generic "Vettecamarstang" that you see at almost any car show. It's not the ultra unapproachable exotic. It's not even a novelty car. It doesn't have a category and it doesn't really need one. It doesn't try to belong, it doesn't try to fit in, it just wants to be.

For me, this car is so much more than the sum of it's parts. It has made me more outgoing and sociable with strangers. A DeLorean has a way of turning introverts into extroverts, trial by fire so to speak. It's the first car that has given me a sense of accomplishment, and it touches me on a deeper level than any other car has or probably ever will. That car has captivated me ever since I was a kid. It still does. Just like baby boomers are drawn muscle cars of the 60's because they grew up with them, I grew up with cars of the 80's, and the car that embodies 80's like no other was the Delorean. I said just a few days ago on this very blog that a Delorean was "a bunch of parts built by other men, nothing more. It doesn't have a "soul" and I have no emotional attachment to it." ..... I was wrong.

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  1. HollywoodF1's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your story. Loving these cars has a way of making one feel a bit irrational. Especially if you buy one. I don't know-- maybe I am irrational. But reading stories like yours makes me feel like I'm in good company.