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  1. 5609: The Story of a Remanufactured DeLorean Part 2 of 5

    The Way Home

    I hung up the phone. My hands were shaky, my heart was pounding. I have been in some high dollar poker hands before and I hoped my poker face was better than my DeLorean face. Did that just happen? Did I really just buy my dream car over the phone sight unseen from a complete stranger? OK, the pictures look nice, the frame looks nice, why shouldn't it be nice? It's a DMCH remanufactured car with 1,700 should be perfect right? Was that guy a Nigerian prince? ...
    My DeLorean
  2. 5609: The Story of a Remanufactured DeLorean Part 1 of 5

    Every DeLorean has a story, this is 5609's

    5609 is a remanufactured DeLorean. A car that was parted out, a car that had no future left, a car that was given a second chance.

    In November of 1981, vin 5609 left her plant in Dunmurry and soon found her first home in the United States. She lived a life of most DeLoreans, she was driven and enjoyed, then eventually abandoned and forgotten about. Stored by people who have no idea how to properly put a car in long term storage. ...
    My DeLorean
  3. The reason I left DMCTALK

    I first self imposed my ban as a move of support for others who were banned for no other reason than rubbing the moderators the wrong way, but I am staying away. After the first few days something clicked, well actually several things clicked. The first was I didn't miss DmcTalk nearly as much as I thought I would but that's not the big picture. My reasoning goes deeper.

    About 2 years ago I dropped one of my biggest accounts. I didn't like the way I was treated there and I didn't ...
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